Design, Construction, Interiors

We create buildings and interiors for a diverse range of clients with a focus on an enduring quality of design. Attention to detail guides our process for successful, bespoke projects that stand the test of time.

Unmatched Quality & Service

Covering all aspects from inception to completion, with respect for both budget and timeframe, we focus on delivering excellent service and incredible value for our clients.

Recent Projects


Great Barrier Reef

Kurt Bielawski
Even though you read the Great Barrier Reef can be seen from space, you can't fully appreciate its scale until you are helicoptering towards it.  At first it seems like a dot in the horizon, [...]

Tools for a Stylish Kitchen

Chad Dorsey
A leather apron.  A set of Japanese knives.  A Staub pot.  Great items that combine function and beauty always excite us.  Here is a short, eclectic list of some places we love: [...]

Factory Tour: The Urban Electric Company

Chad Dorsey
We are big fans of the Urban Electric Company.  This brand creates hand-made lighting fixtures of exceptional quality and style.  We were lucky enough to be invited down to Charleston, their HQ, for a factory tour [...]